Reviews & Feedback

Ella/Finn Female

1 Year Old

“I have been looking for the right GSD puppy for about 4 years, and once I spoke to Jordan, I knew I did not have to look further. She is truly bettering the GSD breed through her very selective process — and she offers up so much information to make your choice easy for you. We brought our puppy home in February, 2019 (she is a Finn x Ella pup) and she has been the best possible addition to our family. I have three young kids (7, 5, and 2) and so having the right temperament in a GSD was of paramount importance. I was able to meet both parents and even temperament test the pups before I took Zora home at 8 weeks. Jordan does her due diligence and she helps you do yours so that you will be satisfied. Not only is our puppy SUPER intelligent and the sweetest dog ever, she is show-quality stunning and people never stop telling me this.”

Velvet/Ricco Long Coat Male

8 Months Old

“Zevi has truly been amazing. He has a fantastic temperament and is extremely intelligent. When we are away our trainer has him and he has been beyond impressed with his ability to learn new commands as well as his relaxed demeanor. Nothing seems to startle him and he is very confident. We would highly recommend anyone looking for a new member of the family to look at Euro Deja. We certainly will when it’s time for Zevi to have a brother or sister! He really has been great; I’ve had two previous shepherds and his temperament is really amazing. We really love the long coat and would definitely go for another long coat next time too. So soft and fluffy!”

Ella/Finn Male, Gwen/Finn Female

“I cannot begin to express how wonderful our experience and how absolutely perfect our new family addition is from this breeder!! Everything from her health to her temperament to how beautiful she is could not be better!! We are so in love with our girl that we are in the process of now getting a male from the next litter. Jordan is extremely passionate about German Shepard’s and their responsible breeding!! As we are awaiting the next litter as a responsible Breeder our new family member will be coming from the same father with a different mother. Every time I am asked about and complemented on my beautiful girl (as happens every time someone see’s her) I tell them if they want a German Shepard the only breeder to go to is Euro DEJA!!!”


Velvet/Iris Female

5 Months Old

Day 8 of Kara’s service dog training. A beautiful heel with the leash dragging and distractions.

Gwen/Finn Male

9 Weeks Old

“Hi Jordan! hope all is very well with you! sorry I haven’t written soon. Just a very busy time. NOW!!!!!! ABOUT COCOA!!! OMG!!!! WE JUST LOVE HER SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she is so sweet. She has certainly helped our hearts heal, with the passing of our beloved Boula.I have to attach a pictures of Boula,…because it would be unfair not to include her in every part of this experience with Cocoa. “Cocoa” is just such a sweet joy. She is much calmer than Boula was. Not the high bred, DRIVEN, WORKING DOG! we could do it years back…but not now. We were hoping for a calmer dog personality…and although she is still teething…..she is so sweet. She goes on the “attack” hahah…when she is tired and needs to go to sleep. Within…two minutes..she usually passes out cold. It is so funny! just not when her choppers are imbedded in one’s arm!! But hey..that’s life as a growing puppy. AND IS SHE GROWING!!! she was 25 pounds a week ago at the vet. We are sure she is at least 30 this week. She had her second set of vaccines. She sleeps all night at my side or in my neck. King size bed…and she has managed to claim 3/4 of it!!! how do they do that so quickly??? She housebroke from the start, never any issue. She is learning to give me her paw…she learned sit and down 3 weeks ago. She loves ice cubes and I make them with sprinkles of food kibbles. Her teeth are like razors!!! I forgot about that part!!! sorry I haven’t written sooner. I am sure you wonder how your little “loves” are doing in their new homes. Rest assured…we love her to pieces….she is absolutely loved and amazing beyond words. I am attaching pictures….have a Wonderful Happy Easter.”

Gwen/Finn Female

3 Years Old

“HI Jordan….Words cannot even describe Cocoa. She is our pride and joy. I have been watching your site for more Finn and Gwen pups. How I would love one more of the litter of her parents..but I just don’t think I could take one on right now. Cocoa is the most loving, sweet, mild mannered, easy going, cuddly dog ever. She licks everything and everybody. She loves new people immediately and she adores children! she is immediately captivated by them In her face and wrapping themselves around her. She is our constant companion and goes everywhere we go. She is the center of our world. She sleeps with us and near us. She is always laying at my side no matter I’m in the kitchen or the garden. She loves her mini pool!! more than the big pool. I think she is around 76 pounds. She learns everything very fast. She is a splendid listener and is eager to learn new training. I am hoping this summer to start therapy training her. Any advice there …I would appreciate that. She has always coo’s like a baby when she is ready to go to sleep and it is hysterical. She has done that since the day we got her. I will send pics in a separate email. If you have any questions…just ask. She has a wonderful home with us and we love her dearly. She looks just like Finn and Gwen!!”

Gwen/Finn Long Coat Female

8 Weeks Old

“She crates like a dream! You all did a great job. She doesn’t make a peep all night (except when she needs to potty). On the potty note, she’s very great about NOT having accidents! Potty training is going so well. She whines or goes to the door when she needs to go potty. I’m thoroughly impressed. She is amazing and I’m so happy we have her.”

Ella/Finn Male

1 Year Update: “I’ve had the opportunity to foster some owner surrenders from other local breeders and I have to say…. It really makes us appreciate the great temperaments of the dogs you breed.”

7 Month Update: “As expected, he has an excellent temperament. He is great with the kids and is very intelligent. I’d be lying if I told you that we were surprised at how quickly he learns, but we knew these would be a smart litter!”

Gwen/Finn Long Coat Female

2 Years Old

“We bought our beautiful girl Astryd in March 2018. She is absolutely gorgeous, smart and has an amazing temperament and disposition. Jordan is so knowledgeable about the European Geman Shepherd Breed and is willing to go above and beyond to serve her clients. Euro Deja takes great care in producing high quality and healthy puppies. You won’t regret your decision to own one of these amazing dogs! This breeder has my utmost respect and trust.”

Corra/Cimbo Female & Gwen/Finn Male

“We decided to get 2 German Shepherds and we chose Euro Deja, because of Jordan’s dedication to breeding healthy, smart, with great dispositioned GSDs’. Jordan has always been there to answer questions. Thank you Jordan, we love our beautiful, healthy, and happy Penny (Corra/Cimbo) and Hunter (Gwen/Finn).”

Hunter 2 Year Update: “He is beautiful and his personality is sweet and gentle 😊 he is awesome like his Dad!!”

Gwen/Finn Female

“We couldn’t be any happier with our new pup from Euro Deja. We brought home Freja (formerly Rey) a few weeks ago. She is so sweet, calm and a quick learner – even at her young age. She’s brought us so much joy already!

We highly recommend Euro Deja. Our decision in choosing them was made easier by the quick replies to our questions and the detailed information they provided. They are professional and highly knowledgeable about this breed. We could see they truly care about the health and quality of their dogs. “

Gwen/Finn Long Coat Male

“We recently got our pup, River from Euro Deja! Jordan was responsive, knowledgeable, and went above and beyond to make sure the entire process was seamless. Our boy is now growing quickly and we receive so many compliments on how calm, sweet, and well tempered he is. We are so happy that we found Euro Deja and would HIGHLY recommend to all who are looking for their next life long companion.”

1 Year Update: Hi Jordan! We hope you are well. We wanted to send a pup-date on River (Gwen/Finn 1 year old). He is doing SO well and we love him more and more every day! He went through a full 10 week training program, picked things up almost immediately the entire time, knows place and stays with distance and duration, walks wonderfully on the leash, and is a gentle giant. We get compliments all the time from family, friends, and strangers how beautiful and sweet he is. He has been nothing short of a blessing to our little family ♥️ thank you!

Gwen/Finn Long Coat Female

2 Years Old

“If you are looking for a good breeder and wonderful pups to start or add to your family, I definitely recommend contacting Jordan! From day 1, she kept me updated on what was going on. Once the time came down to picking up our pup, she gave us so much information and all that was super helpful for being first time shepherd owners. She kept us informed with pictures, vet visits, and loads of information that would help keep our little girl healthy and safe. The contract is very reasonable and having our girl linked to a gorgeous mother and father shows just how gorgeous she will be when she grows up.

Jordan definitely did a wonderful job with the first 8 weeks of our pup and I would not hesitate to get another german shepherd from her again once we are ready to add to the family again!

Jordan, thank you for everything you did prior and up to this day.”

Gwen/Finn Male

“He’s such a perfect dog. His vet visit went great and they loved him and said he was gonna be a big boy! (Proud mama moment). You’ll be so proud of him he knows sit, down, paw, focus, off, and somewhat of stay”


“We are all so happy with Beau. He is just a wonderful pup. I’m so happy that it worked out for Dylan and Ewurama to find him. He is extremely smart – he already knows sit, down, paw, heel, kennel in your crate, off, leave it. Also, when he needs to go out, he walks himself downstairs to the door that goes to the back yard and will sit there and wait for us to open the door! Of course when we see him heading down the stairs we go right away. He is something. He loves his stuffed animal toys and will nibble on them but does not chew them or tear them up. He likes to chase the cats so we are working on that, lol, but he just wants to play with them. He does great in the crate and sleeps all night with no problems. He is growing so fast!”

Corra/Finn Male

“I’m just as proud as u are I’d bet hahahaha. He’s been so good. He’s really bonded with my boys, esp my 2 year old, so gentle. He’s been everything I’d hoped. I hope you continue bc my youngest wants his own, you’d be my first choice. Very good temperament. He definitely knows his family. You’ve done a good job. And I chose you based on temperament bc of kids. And my 2 year old LOVES his puppy.”

2 YEAR UPDATE: “He’s a great dog. He’s extremely loyal to me and my boys. The only problem is my little guy wants another one!”

Corra/Finn Male

(Pictured as a puppy, review from 4 years old)

“Hi Jordan…I bought a puppy from you about 4 years ago, I named him Raider if you remember. Anyway I’m interested in getting another pup… He’s my best friend on earth. I don’t know what I’d do without him. Well when I [originally] started looking for a puppy I was honestly overwhelmed until I ran into you. The process was easy and like I said Raider is truly my best friend and a great dog. There’s some bad dog ppl out there. I wouldn’t want to bring another dog home that’s not on the same level as Raider.”


Velvet/Ricco Long Coat Female

2 Years Old

“She is not only beautiful but has the best disposition of all the shepherds we have owned.”

Ella/Finn Male

8 Weeks Old

“I wanted to tell you that the last 2 nights I told blue ‘Go to bed’ and he went straight to his crate. He is a perfect fit for our family. He loves playing with Jayce and Bryce. I have a big family so we have a lot of kids. Everyone is spoiling him so much! He is very smart. He learned how to sit, stay, leave it, and down. Then go to bed. He loves music and when we sing to him. He is such a cuddle dog and a kisser!”

As for his crate training at 8 weeks old: “He is doing great. I leave the door open throughout the day and when he is tired he goes and takes a nap. At night time he doesn’t make a sound. He sleeps on average 5 hours. Then he goes out to pee and goes back to his crate for another 3 hours.”

Blue (Ella/Finn male) went to his new home just a few days ago. Thank you, Jill, for sharing!

A Couple Weeks Later:

“We went to petco yesterday and so many people loved blue. We did our first in person class. The trainer said his temperament was so good. Honestly that’s all we heard yesterday was how cute our puppy was and how everyone just loved him.

Blue is starting to be more active but listens very well. He really is a blessing in our lives. We are thankful for him everyday and so happy he is ours”