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Our pups go home with our hip and elbow guarantee, a lifetime genetic guarantee, and a 10-day return policy for your peace of mind. Get the details here.

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Because we're an AKC Bred with HEART breeder, our puppies are eligible for a 10% discount on full-term policies!

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Breeding rights are only granted on a case-by-case basis in an effort to protect the breed. You can activate 30 days of free Pet Insurance with no committments or credit card required upon completion of your pup's AKC registration.

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6 month old male puppy

Adak vom DanaHaus | show rated VP1 “Very Promising First Place” by USCA Judge Richard Shook.

Son of the famed VA2 BSZS Asap vom Aldamar, and Mom is daughter of the famed VA1 BSZS Gary vom Huhnegrab. This breeding doesn’t combine two great shepherds, but two of the world’s very best. Adak’s top heritage is very much evident in his phenomenal qualities; he is total package.

Adak vom DanaHaus comes from an elite breeding that occurred in Europe and was held back as the top pick of his litter. He will be a delight to whoever gets him as a family pet and companion, but is also a top consideration for the professional or breed enthusiast wanting the best of the best. He has the clearest mind, alongside notably high intelligence, loyalty, attentiveness, and a strong desire to please. Adak will be among the deepest rich red and black the breed has to offer with a gorgeously lush show coat at maturity and a handsome dark mask. Adak already has thick bone and a beautifully big head–both at only 6 months old. He will continue to mature into a very masculine male all the way up to 3 years old if kept intact. His ears are firmly up and tight on top of his head, he has gorgeous expression and facial proportions, his eyes are dark and almond shaped. His teeth and bite are correct, and both testicles are down. As gorgeous as he is, his personality is his finest quality. Adak has been raised with the utmost care, is healthy and well-socialized, he is a fun pup but is past difficult puppy stages, he loves other dogs (male and female), and he is great with free-range chickens and ducks and would do well with a variety of other animals. Adak will be a downright delightful family member or companion, and has high potential for show or sport.


Raise Your Puppy Like a Pro!

We cannot speak highly enough of this program. Something we commonly hear from experienced dog owners: “Every time we get a shepherd, we get better at raising them, and the pups turn out better and better as adults.”

Follow seasoned professionals on best practices for puppy-raising and get your best dog from the start with BAXTER & Bella.

This program seamlessly picks up where we leave off in your pup’s training. It makes the home transition smooth for everyone in the family; and the subsequent puppy months manageable, worry-free about what exactly to do, as well as successfully productive. Everyone in the family can walk through this well-organized and fun-to-follow program. Use code “eurodeja” for 25% off their lifetime membership.

Did You Know?

We’re a recognized AKC Bred with H.E.A.R.T. breeder!

Through continued education, we strive for ongoing improvement. We have agreed to and have already undergone routine inspection by the AKC resulting in high praise. We go beyond breeding two excellent dogs to produce quality pups; our goal is to also set our puppies up for success in all areas of health and behavior by how we raise them. We focus on socialization, conditioning and preparation for family life, high quality nutrition, and overall health and joint care. Each detail in these broad categories can determine a puppy’s lifelong emotional and physical health